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Fireplace Basics

Never owned a fireplace. Know nothing about chimneys?

Fireplace Basics

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Fireplace Basics

Never owned a fireplace. Know nothing about chimneys?

Need help getting started with your fireplace? No worries, many homes in Texas do not have fireplaces, and therefore it is common for us to be asked how to use a fireplace by our customers. Unlike our northern counterparts that have grueling cold winters, ours tend to be milder and shorter. Fireplaces tend to be more of a luxury or nice feature in the South, so the typical use is significantly less each season. See our Fireplaces for Beginners Page, where we cover the basics of fireplaces from maintenance to what types of wood to use, along with many indicators that your chimney or fireplace might need a cleaning or inspection.

A few notes for the beginner.

  • Never leave the gas on for a gas start fireplace when burning for an extended duration in a gas fireplace.
  • Never burn treated lumber furniture or exotic woods in a wood burning fireplace. These can release toxic fumes into your home.
  • Always use a screen or cover for a wood burning fireplace to block exploding and falling embers.
  • Never put gasoline in a fireplace to start a fire, especially in a gas fireplace, to avoid a chimney fire.

Ensure the type of wood you are burning is suitable for a fireplace, such as oak, pecan, hickory. Some wood can stink. Slow burning wood and hardwoods work best. Craigslist is a great market to procure dried hardwoods delivered for a bargain.

Clean chimneys are safe chimneys!

Fireplace cleaning not only keeps your house smelling good but prevents chimney fire.

Chimney waterproofing, chimney rain water leak repair, and roof leaks around flashing.

Did you know most roof leaks occur around a chimney? Chimney roof leaks are due to many reasons, from home foundational shifts to the construction of the chimney and age to home weather damage and can result in thousands of dollars in damages. Our professional chimney sweeps will review the area, including the roofing shingles, flashing along with the chimney liner, drywall around a chimney, roof decking for stains, and water leaks during our chimney cleaning. Our goal is to find leaks before they become worse. We can repair all home and roof leaks. Ask our certified sweep about our chimney waterproofing preventative service and warranty.

Chimney dampers, chimney liner, and flue

Chimney dampers, liners, and flues are often known as the mechanical parts of a chimney. They are made of iron, metal, or a heat resistant material. They are designed to control the direction of carbon dioxide and smoke being released from your fireplace in the venting system. Our local chimney inspectors will review the functionality and condition of each area in both gas fireplace and masonry chimney. We test the inner workings of all these parts from the vintage turn of the century masonry chimney flues to the more modern semi-automated electrical start gas fireplace systems. We have seen it all.

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Fireplace Basics

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