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HBR Chimney of the Greater Houston is a full-service chimney sweep, inspection, and chimney repair service serving the Houston area. We cover all of Houston from west Katy to North of the Woodlands. Whether you are looking for a basic chimney sweep or having trouble with your gas logs lighting we cover all aspects of chimney and fireplace service. We also have licensed master plumbers on staff that can help you run gas lines to your home to convert your fireplace from woodboring to gas.

Houston, Texas

Our technicians have years of chimney experience and specialize in updating and restoring chimneys and fireplaces. If it is that old mantle or that you just moved into a new home and the fireplace isn’t to your liking, we are your company.




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  • HBR Chimney is part of the HBR family of companies that are locally owned Texas small businesses. With over 30 years of generational business experience HBR is a brand our customers can trust.

  • We are a fully insured and certified company.

  • Our employees are our family and are paid almost double the industry standard for Chimney Services. We don’t just hire seasonal workers. Our techs are with us year-round and because of our great pay we attract the absolute best talent the market has to offer.

  • We use the most innovative technology and proven methodologies to ensure we deliver the absolute best for our customers. We are technology focused from our digital inspection reports to our text confirmations and status updates to our customers we strive to leverage a greener faster communication with our customers.

  • Our goal is to build a relationship with our customers so they will come back and spread the word about our business.

  • Extremely fast service. When we started HBR Chimney we looked at all the things our competitors did wrong from lousy service to not answering the phones and decided to do better. No one wants their fireplace serviced months or even weeks from now. Our technicians are readily available, and we carry most parts with us on our trucks. This makes for a quicker one stop service. Although some parts are special ordered, we also have multiple suppliers to expedite them and offer extreme discounts on fireplace gas logs and inserts we can pass down to our customers.

  • We also offer free phone consultation. Our staff will help you start your gas logs and instruct you on how to build your first fire. Don’t worry about asking us questions we can Facetime and walk you through most Chimney and Fireplace operations. Also check out our Blog!

  • We work hard to make our customers happy.
  • Chimney Caps

    Chimney Cap Fabrication

    We provide the absolute best chimney caps that are made to last. We ensure they are anchored and weatherproof. We have multiple chimney cap colors, styles and designs to choose from. We also do custom chimney caps for unique looks and have experience working with artists designers and third party fabricators. Check out our colors and design ( Chimney caps).

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    If this is your first time with us just call the office. Our office staff are well versed and can answer most if not all of your chimney and fireplace questions. And if they can’t we will have a tech call you right back! Our model is people and service first. No call centers, no third parties. When you call you get us! Call today 1-800-687-8760

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    Frequently asked questions

    Chimney sweeps and cleans should always be preceded by a chimney inspection. A chimney inspection will identify if your chimney is safe to use and any major issues prior to the cleaning service.

    It depends. Wood burning chimneys if used more than 10 times a year should probably be cleaned and inspected annually. Never used your chimney in years or purchasing a new home a chimney inspection and cleaning should occur. Most home inspectors do a precursory inspection of your fireplace and do not go into the detail of a company such as HBR Chimney.

    It depends. Cleaning a masonry chimney that hasn’t been swept in years can take hours but sometimes gas or newer chimneys may take less time.

    Yes chimney sweeps should go on roofs but not all inspections require roof access. Many companies do not carry ladder insurance but HBR does. Roof access is require for installation of chimney caps, chimney housing repair, and flashing repair.

    A chimney Sweep includes the sweeping and cleaning of the flue and firebox. A gas tune up will include the above plus cleaning and tuning of the existing gas appliances. We offer additional inspection services such as a camera and L2 inspection per request for an additional fee.

    HBR Chimney

    For all your chimney repair needs

    A chimney sweep is a person who clears ash and soot from chimneys.
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