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When should I have my fireplace swept?
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Our Chimney Sweeping process taken from the chimney safety institute of America, chimney safety institute, national chimney sweep guild, and other professional resources consists of a non-intrusive highly sanitary process that ensures not only the chimney is clean, but the removed soot and dust does not come into the home even from the dirtiest wood stoves. Not all chimney sweeps are the same. Not all chimneys are the same. Chimneys can have bends and curves that cause soot to deposit and build up not only on the flue chimney liner walls but pile on the damper and within the smoke chamber. These highly alkaline particles can eat away at metals and the mortar joints within a chimney liner, requiring chimney repair. Also, misaligned venting systems can be disastrous for a home. Overly aggressive cleaning due to hasty chimney sweeping can cause damage. Our brushing system, as well as unique methodology, ensures the chimney is clean and clear of debris, adding to the life of your home without damaging the chimney.

Chimney Blog

What causes masonry chimney problems?

Improper installed chimney caps, chimney caps that are either missing or too small for the chimney result in masonry chimney problems. Foundational shifts create gaps and cracks in the masonry, poor quality mason mortar too much water or too dry when installed, age (houses over 20 years old), weather constant freeze-thaw cycles, excessive heat, or high winds and physical damage can all contribute to chimney masonry problems requiring repair and restoration.

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Chimney Blog

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A chimney sweep is a person who clears ash and soot from chimneys.
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