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When should I get my chimney inspected?

Chimney Inspection Service

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Chimney Inspection Service

Our professional chimney safety inspection is not only for masonry chimney venting systems but encompasses all types of fireplace and chimney inspection repair and restoration. Our certified sweep is similar to a home inspection but focuses only on your fireplace and chimney. Our chimney specialists? goal is to ensure the safety of your family, providing you with written documentation that a professional cleaning and inspection were conducted and every facet of your chimney from the chimney masonry and firebricks up through the smoke chamber and venting system to the chimney liner and chimney caps are in good functional working condition. Our local chimney cleaning company of certified chimney specialists can identify crown repair missing chimney caps quickly and offer the best price quotes on all chimney repairs on gas fireplace, masonry chimneys, and wood burning fireplaces.

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We spend the time with our level 2 inspection to thoroughly investigate and document any issues with your chimney, including the intricate venting system, so you can rest assured the chimney safety check has been completed and is clean and safe to use for the season.

Our experienced chimney specialists follow our multipoint inspection process for our annual chimney maintenance inspections leveraging industry leading technology to ensure your chimney and fireplace are in good working order before you make the first fire of the season. Sweeping chimneys is not only our profession, but our master chimney sweeps passion.

We not only leverage the best chimney sweep technology but vet our industry leading chimney and fireplace inspection processes each year to ensure your chimney and fireplace are safe to use free of water leaks and other repair and restoration needs. Our professional cleaning chimney specialists invest the time with you, our customer, to explain any chimney safety concerns identified during the chimney cleaning.

By using a local Dallas Fort Worth small business such as HBR Chimney, the key differentiator from our larger competitors is not just the professional cleaning of the smoke chamber and chimney flue (we clean better than most), We outshine other chimney maintenance companies by paying for our chimney specialists. We deliver more than most of our competitors, almost 2X as much to maintain the absolute best chimney professionals in the DFW metroplex. We invest in our employees, so they stay with us, and so does their chimney cleaning experience. Our customers invest in us and stay with us because we have the best chimney maintenance professionals and master chimney sweeps.

Chimney Inspection Service

Does a dirty chimney put my home at risk?

The simple answer is.... Yes! soot, creosote, and other particles can build up on the chimney liner, chimney damper, and chimney smoke chamber, especially on wood burning fireplaces requiring an annual chimney sweep. Creosote and ash can build up when mixed with moisture from weather failed, or missing chimney caps can cause extensive damage on a masonry chimney and venting system issues.

Repair and restoration may be needed on structural failure in the lining of the chimney or crown repair if a cap is missing. Damage from animals such as nests and physical obstructions can also result in chimney repairs obstructing air flow, flooding the house with smoke, or, worse, animals! Damage such as chimney flue cracks and mortar failures lead to water leaks that can be hidden behind excess soot, dirt, and creosote resulting in the silent killer carbon monoxide flowing back into the home and chimney fire.

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Chimney Inspection Service

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Chimney safety inspection

Can I use a flashlight to perform a inspect my chimney liner or can I use a flashlight to inspect my fireplace smoke chamber?

Although a flashlight might be one of the tools used by our chimney professionals, it is far from the only tool we use. A flashlight inspection before and after a chimney sweep can help our professional chimney sweeps identify many chimney issues as chimney relining. We also use high definition cameras to share with our customers' pictures of the flue if there are areas with water leaks before and after cleaning as well as to document any observed problems within the liner. Camera inspections cover those hard to reach places and those not easily seen using a flashlight like the far reaches of your chimney high within the flue. Camera inspections are especially helpful to ensure there are no structural compromises within the venting system, which might go unnoticed by a simple flashlight inspection.

Chimney Camera Inspection

Our scoped camera inspection inspects the chimney liner and the hard to see spots inside a chimney. It provides an up close and personal look into the condition of your chimney and fireplace. By using a camera scope, we can see potential issues and get ahead of chimney repairs and often catch smaller, less noticeable fireplace issues before they become hazards such as water leaks. We can provide both video and pictures before and after our chimney cleaning service as part of our level 2 camera inspections.

How often should I get my chimney cleaned?

Chimney cleaning depends on a lot of contributing factors such as the age of the chimney and construction type, use of the fireplace, combustible material gas fireplace vs. wood burning fireplace, date and quality of the last chimney maintenance inspection, documented findings or known issues with the fireplace, repair and restoration, cleaning and any potential weather or damage from the elements.

Our recommendation is simple and straight forward.

If you plan to use the chimney, get it cleaned and inspected annually by a certified chimney sweep. A large amount of buildup can happen in just a few uses of a fireplace. Animals also love to nest in chimneys during the warmer months, and you can never tell if it will be a problem.

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A chimney sweep is a person who clears ash and soot from chimneys.
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