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When should I get my fireplace inspected?

Fireplace Inspection

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Fireplace Inspection

When should I get my fireplace and chimney inspected?

We often get asked this question and the answer is; It depends. When was the last time your chimney or fireplace was inspected? If you cannot answer the question than it is most likely time for an inspection and most likely a chimney cleaning. We recommend all new homeowners or an inspection when a new home is being purchased or has been purchased before attempting to create a fire. Our trained chimney technicians will review the functionality and findings of any inspected chimney with you before they leave. Never owned a fireplace? No worries many homes in Texas do not have fireplaces and therefore it is common for us to be asked how to use a fireplace. See our Fireplaces for Beginners Page where we cover the basics of fireplaces from maintenance to what types of wood to use along with many indicators that your chimney or fireplace might need a cleaning or inspection.

Fireplace Inspection

Can I use a flashlight to inspect my chimney and fireplace?

Although a flashlight might be one of the tools used by our chimney inspection technicians it is far from the only tool needed. Our Camera Inspections inspects the lining of your chimney to ensure there are no structural compromises which might go unnoticed by a flashlight inspection.

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Fireplace Inspection

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