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Chimney Cap Replacement

Keep out would be obstructions such squirrels, birds, nests, and bees

Chimney Cap Replacement

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Chimney Cap Replacement

Chimney caps are often metal, masonry, or concrete decorative pieces that cover the top of a chimney. Chimney caps not only add style to a home but provide a critical function for fireplaces and chimneys. When properly installed, they will prolong the life of your chimney crown, masonry, flue, and best of all, keep animals out! Chimney caps shield mortar and internal components of your chimney and fireplace from the elements. Chimney caps allow for proper airflow when burning. A damaged chimney cap can fail to keep out obstructions caused by animals such as squirrels, birds/ birds? nests in chimneys, and bees. Yes, we have removed bees from chimneys! Our chimney cleaning technicians will inspect and safely remove any chimney cap if needed. We have many styles of chimney caps to choose from, too. We also provide custom chimney cap designs to ensure the chimney cap you choose is of the highest quality and installed correctly.

What causes masonry chimney problems?

Improper installed chimney caps, chimney caps that are either missing or too small for the chimney result in masonry chimney problems. Foundational shifts create gaps and cracks in the masonry, poor quality mason mortar too much water or too dry when installed, age (houses over 20 years old), weather constant freeze-thaw cycles, excessive heat, or high winds and physical damage can all contribute to chimney masonry problems requireing repair and restoration.

Our Guarantee and Warranty

We use only cutting-edge tools and proven processes to keep your fireplace and chimney running in top condition. Our Local Professional Chimney Technicians know chimneys and our multipoint inspection ensures every facet of your fireplace and chimney is up to code or that you know the condition of your home when we do an inspection. All our chimney caps come with a lifetime guarantee from manufacturer defects.

Chimney Cap Replacement

Our chimney cleaning technicians will inspect and safely remove any Chimney cap if needed. We have many styles of chimney caps to choose from as well as provide custom designs to ensure that chimney cap that has eroded over time or simply been lost or damaged in a recent storm is replaced and installed correctly.

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Chimney Cap Replacement

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